We appreciate all the wonderful testimonials we have received from our patients.
We have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback and are happy to share their stories with you.

Video Testimonials

Dave and Barbara’s daughter required surgery. But they live in Mexico and she lives in Scotland. After researching, Barbara found Dr. Santiago Hernandez at Chapala Med to be the best choice, for many reasons. Click on the video to find out why.

Meet Barbara and Bill Wilson. He needed immediate emergency surgery while in Mexico. The medical support he received from Dr. Santiago Hernandez and his team at Chapala Med was top notch. But more than that, the personal medical care he received from Dr. Hernandez was much more than he expected…

The Wignalls live a very healthy lifestyle. But sometimes, life hands you a curve ball. Watch this story about Bobbi and a heart condition that she had all her life, but wasn’t detected and corrected until her 70’s!

Elliott loves to teach dance, so when she discovered cancer on her tongue, she decided on treatment instead of surgery so that she could still talk. She is on the road to a full recovery with the guidance of Dr. Santiago Hernandez and his team at Chapala Med. Watch her story here and read her intimate, heart-wrenching blog at link. 

Debbie and Geff Igarashi lead very active lifestyles. Tennis, jogging, yoga and walking are a big part of their daily activities. They have both undergone surgeries under Dr. Santiago Hernandez’s care, with Geff having an intestinal resection and Debbie’s knee surgery. But then Debbie got a new diagnosis…


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